Yamil wasn’t sure about getting a mentor at first. After discussing the program with his social worker, though, Yamil took the leap and signed up for Learn & Earn in October 2020.

Good thing he did! Yamil was matched with his new mentor, Monica, for the 12-week cohort. They chose to continue their relationship, connecting mostly through video calls for the first year. The relationship benefits both of them: Yamil helps Monica practice her Spanish skills, while Monica provides encouragement, advice, and a listening ear as Yamil works towards his goals.

By their one-year anniversary, the pair found a beautiful connection. Yamil reflected on their relationship, saying, “It’s good to have someone on your side to support you on your way. [Monica] sometimes tries to make sure that I’m on track. Even though she doesn’t have to do it, she asks me that. That means a lot to me in a way—she cares about me.”