When it comes to improving outcomes for youth, long-term, committed relationships make all the difference. Research shows that permanent social connections are vitally important to the healthy development of all youth.

If you work with an agency serving young people impacted by foster care, of if you know a young person in foster care, you can refer them to Silver Lining Mentoring. In our program, this young person will be paired with a committed, trained, volunteer mentor for a minimum of one year. The mentor and the youth will be supported by a Masters-level staff member. All young people have the opportunity to choose their own paths in our programs–they choose to enroll, they have a choice in the mentor with whom they are matched, and they can choose the types of activities they engage in with their mentor. At Silver Lining Mentoring, youth participants are in the driver’s seat, and are never without trained, trauma-informed support and backing. To refer a young person for a community-based mentor, please click here to see our eligibility requirements and our referral form.

If you have any questions regarding referrals, please email

Does your program work with groups of youth impacted by foster care ages 7-13? Would you like to introduce trained, long-term caring mentors to their services? If so, please contact us to discuss partnering with you on a Build-A-Match cohort! For more information, use the button below or email Teyana Curran, Director of Programs, at

Does your program serve teens or young adult ages 16+ impacted by foster care? Would they benefit from long-term, one-on-one mentoring as well as access to life skills training? If so, we would welcome the chance to partner with you! Learn & Earn provides training and mentoring to teens and young adults impacted by foster care, and does so in the programs and communities where your young people live. For more information use on how to provide these services to your youth, please use the button below or contact Ola Ogunbodede, Program Coordinator, at

SLM will bring our mission to your office for lunch—or any other meal!—with your affinity group, department, or any of your colleagues who would like to learn more about mentoring youth in foster care. This presentation, tailored to your group, offers opportunities to learn about foster care and mentoring, information about volunteering, and can also provide a service component for your group. Lunch & Learns are customizable to your needs. For more information, email Jim Ricciuti, Director of Development, at

If you have friends or colleagues who might like a night out with a few drinks and a little education, SLM can work with you to host a bar night full of fun, friends, and a casual presentation on our amazing youth and volunteer mentors. Interested in hosting a friendraiser in the comfort of your home? SLM can work with you on all the details and logistics! For more information, email Jim Ricciuti, Director of Development, at