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Friendship Beyond Graduation: Mel and Jesse’s Match Story

Every mentoring match includes a unique journey between two individuals built on the principles of connection, reciprocity and care. Silver Lining Mentoring matches last an average of 55 months, more than six times the national average. No matter the length of the relationship, there are special moments shared and memories built that last a lifetime. We know that when Silver Lining Mentoring matches rea... Read More >

Armani & Andrew: The Power of Consistency

Armani and volunteer mentor Andrew were matched in 2022 and have continued to grow their bond through shared experiences. They were also honored speakers at our recent Match Gala. Read some of Armani’s reflections on how their match has encouraged him to follow his dreams.  Growing up in foster care, I learned to expect two things: disappointment and chaos. I entered the foster care system when I was in... Read More >

Borias and Paul: Heartfelt Connection

Borias is 20 years old and loves cosplay. His favorite superhero is Spider-Man because he connects deeply with the character’s story of adversity, loss, and resilience. Growing up in the Boston area, Borias and his dad struggled to find stable housing. They moved around a lot and were homeless at one point. In 2020, Borias’ father passed away, and Borias entered the foster care system. He refers to this... Read More >

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