Borias is 20 years old and loves cosplay. His favorite superhero is Spider-Man because he connects deeply with the character’s story of adversity, loss, and resilience.

Growing up in the Boston area, Borias and his dad struggled to find stable housing. They moved around a lot and were homeless at one point. In 2020, Borias’ father passed away, and Borias entered the foster care system. He refers to this time as his “Uncle Ben moment,” a nod to the tragedy that defined Spider-Man’s alter ego Peter Parker. Borias’ mantra is “if Spider-Man can do it, so can I” and he says putting on his Spider-Man suit is much more than just wearing a costume – it gives him the confidence and inspiration he needs.

After three years in the foster care system, Borias is preparing to move on to the next stage of his life. Transitioning out of foster care and preparing for independent living can be difficult for many young people. With this in mind, Borias’ foster mom encouraged him to join Silver Lining Mentoring’s Learn and Earn program, where he met his mentor, Paul.

At the heart of their relationship is friendship. They meet twice a month and spend time exploring Boston, going to Shakespeare at the Commons, and attending baseball games at Fenway Park. “I feel supported. I am achieving things I haven’t done before and I really appreciate that he treats me like a friend rather than just a mentee because we have a personal connection now,” said Borias.

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