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We are happy to have you visit and encourage you to spend some time getting to know us.  We created this blog as a way to share exciting news and updates, pass along great articles we’ve read, connect with other mentoring and child welfare providers and keep in touch with our loyal supporters!  In recent months, AFC has been brainstorming how to further engage our audience and to give YOU all of the best, most interesting, and informative news possible.  Starting today, our incredible staff will take turns sharing their perspectives and offering a little slice of the incredible work we are so fortunate to do every day.

We encourage you to visit our blog often and comment on the stories and posts you find interesting, funny, shocking, or perhaps incredibly inspiring.  If you’re passionate about ending the cycle of abuse, neglect, poverty, unemployment, and homelessness, please join us in the conversation.  AFC believes that every youth needs and deserves to know that they are valued and capable of great things.  AFC envisions a society committed to ensuring that all youth in foster care have at least one long-term, consistent, positive adult in their life, and the necessary resources to successfully transition into adulthood.  AFC envisions a future when negative life cycles will be replaced with positive healthy development, empowerment, and success.

Thanks for your loyal and continued support