Chris and Isaac have been matched for over 2 years.  At the beginning, Chris was really excited to be matched with a mentee as soon as he could and when the opportunity came, he wasn’t going to let it slip away.  Both Chris and Isaac were presented the profile of the each other and approved of the Match right away.  The match meeting was set by AFC staff and they were both waiting patiently for the day to arrive.  About 1 week before the match meeting took place, our Program Coordinator received a phone call from Jackie, Isaac’s caretaker, saying that she was nervous because it looked as though the family would be uprooted soon, moving to Mansfield, MA.  Not knowing if Chris would still be up to mentoring someone so far away,  the Program Coordinator called Chris and informed him of the upcoming change in logistics.  Chris, without hesitation, responded “That’s no problem, I’m really looking forward to meeting Isaac!”  This truly is a testament of the attitude and commitment Chris has taken.  He  has set wonderful examples through out the duration of his mentorship with Isaac.  No matter what the activity,  if Isaac was interested and excited about something,  Chris would do everything he could to make it happen.  Chris and Isaac have taken advantage of so many great opportunities to tighten their bond and learn about each other.  They have attended countless sporting events, community activities, as well as attending the AFC annual camping trip.  Isaac has said that “Chris is cool and really funny, he sometimes acts like a big kid, cracking jokes and stuff.”  Chris says “Isaac is a very mature young man and there’s not much that Isaac doesn’t have  knowledge of or understanding about. He’s a really intuitive, a very smart kid”.