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What it Means to Give Back

If you look up “to give” in the dictionary, you will find over twenty definitions for this simple phrase. They range from the expected, “make a present of” to, “provide by way of entertainment”. The phrase has so many meanings, yet oftentimes, I find myself limiting it to just one. It wasn’t until I came […]

Voices of SLM: Know your Truth

Diversity and inclusion. The power of identity. Authentic storytelling. These themes were found throughout Hubspot’s Inbound 2017 event, held annually in Boston. While I’m a communications professional by trade, this educational opportunity offered so much more than a standard, three-day conference. After listening to inspiring public figures like Former First Lady Michelle Obama and Billie […]

Voices of SLM: Why Pronouns Matter

Author: Evan Hubbard, Program Supervisor Gender Inclusive Pronouns in Email Signatures: One of the core tenants of our work at SLM is creating an environment that is affirming and welcoming for all members of our community. Since 2012, SLM has started every group we run by inviting each individual to share their chosen name and […]

Why I Ride!

Name: M. Scott Knox Where You Work: Brooke Charter Schools Connection to SLM:  Board Member I believe that all young people deserve to have someone who champions and cheerleads for them. I was fortunate to have parents, an older sister, neighbors, and extended family who encouraged me, celebrated with me, shared advice, taught me kindness, taught […]