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Silver Lining Mentoring Book Club

Silver Lining Mentoring kicked off a Book Club Series in May 2017 at the annual Match Gala, with the centerpieces at the event encouraging guests to join SLM in hosting a book club based on “A Chance in The World”- Steve Pemberton’s memoir of his experience in the foster care system in MA. Once of the […]

Self Care – Who Has The Time?

“Always make sure you secure your own oxygen mask before you begin assisting your neighbors.”  This metaphor is commonly used in my field. You cannot save your neighbor if you haven’t made sure your own blood is being oxygenated. Seems obvious. Interestingly, this simple message put through the filter of our social expectations, depending on […]

Small Changes, Big Impact

Recently, at Silver Lining Mentoring we’ve been talking a lot about data, when we collect it, how we collect it and what we’re going to do with it. Daniel, our Data Strategy Manager has been helping to connect staff in different departments to learn more about how we can use data to tell our stories […]

The F-Word

The F-Word   At our Match Gala this May, Silver Lining Mentoring’s CEO, Colby Swettberg, got on stage and talked to our over 250 guests about “the f-word.” As the Director of Development and the person overseeing the event, I had a small heart attack. Luckily I recovered in time to hear Colby clarify, the […]