“Hello, my name is Christina. I have known my mentor Parizad for three years. My favorite activities to do with Parizad are going to the museums, going to summer camp together, and meeting for lunch to chat about school and my pets.

What I like about AFC is that it offers me an adult friend who listens to what I have to say and gives me some good advice. Parizad emphasizes how important it is for me to do well in school and how to handle social situations as I grow up.

My favorite bi monthly activity to do with other matches is going to the museums. We all get to spend time together and learn from the science or art exhibitions. Also, we have been bowling with another mentor and her mentee, which is great!

Over the holidays, Parizad and I went to the new PF Chang’s restaurant and the Prudential Center. Parizad bought me a book for Christmas because she knows I love to read about cultures, politics, and the environment!”