“I’m a 24-year-old grad student studying neurobiology. I grew up in central New Jersey and moved up to the Boston area for my undergrad work.  I’ve started mentoring with AFC because I love the energy and humor of children.  Also, I’ve always wanted to learn more about the adoption/foster care system.  My research work gives me a chance to contribute something to my world academically, but I also need to engage in activities that let me contribute in a more direct, interpersonal manner. I’ve had other experience working at a day care center and have volunteered previously with the Red Cross, in school tutoring programs, cooking/serving dinner for the homeless, and serving as a resource for undergrads with my major. I’m quiet when I first meet someone but can very quickly transition into a blabbermouth. I enjoy comedies and dramas, walking, swimming, trying different ethnic cuisines, going to cultural events, and shopping for earrings. I also used to be really into reading and writing fiction; I’m hoping to have the time to get back into that soon.

“My mentee … is brilliant, full of energy, and possesses a great deal of strength/optimism.  I’ve recently been introduced to her puppy and cat, and I’m continually amazed by how well she takes care of them and just by how much she knows about animals in general.  So far we’ve hung out at her place, gone to some parks, visited some different ice cream shops, heard a concert, and visited some toy shops.  I’m looking forward to getting to know Christina better and have her open up to me even more.”