We’re grateful that Silver Lining’s mentee Samiir took some time this week to reflect in his own words upon his relationship with Steph, his mentor:

In my country having someone to support you, it’s impossible because many people didn’t believe helping someone or support them will impact that person’s lives whether they support them physically or emotionally.

My mentor Steph and I met in 2019 in silver lining learn and earn and she was so helpful during that time. I had a lot of experience some good some were awful and some in between. At this time in a position where I needed to improve, fearing I would not get through learn and earn, and felt like no matter what I tried, that I just would not succeed. There were days that I felt so stressed because of my assignment in the school feeling helpless and alone. I was embarrassed to confide in anyone that I was struggling.

There were people who impacted my life, not because they were assigned as my mentors, but because they just took the time to listen, and my mentor Steph is one of them. She cares and supports me to keep pushing through I remember we always discussing after high school although I am not sure if I will go to college but my mentor she gives me hope and encourages me to do so. Because of her impact on my life, now I can see myself going college, I learned the importance of relationships, of being available to listen and to support, but also to give pushback and critical feedback when needed.

My mentor Steph has many abilities to support me for example it’s always great to get second experience opinion, I mean mentors have more of one key thing you don’t experience. So it’s a given that they are the perfect person for you to confide in and seek advice from to get that second opinion. Also sometimes we have some fun like hangout at Carson beach walk talk fresh air and one must great memorable night was when we go together to watch The nutcracker I never saw something like that before it was great memory night !