55 MonthsAFC Mentoring is thrilled to announce that our average mentoring match length is now 55 Months, more than six times the national average of 9 Months! Studies show that adolescents in relationships that last a year or longer report the largest number of improvements, with progressively fewer effects emerging among youth who are in relationships that terminate earlier.*

The previous average mentoring match length at AFC was 26 Months. However, changes in AFC’s program model beginning in 2011 have resulted in a sharp increase. These changes have included:

  • An investment in hiring a clinically-trained programming staff capable of whole person support.
  • A decision to lower caseloads for programming staff in order to allow staff to provide intensive case management.
  • An investment in the length and quality of the mentor screening and training process.

*Source: Grossman, J.B. & Rhodes, J.E. (2002). The test of time: Predictors and eects of duration in youth mentoring programs. American Journal of Community Psychology, 30, 199-206.