Henry is a 20 year old youth who has been involved in AFC programs for ten years; he has experience as an AFC mentee, a youth intern, an AFC Leader, and more.  Upon hearing the news of AFC’s Executive Director, Colby Swettberg, winning the “Angels in Adoption” award, Henry had some words to share about his own experiences at AFC and working with Colby.

Having had the opportunity to work with Colby, I would say she is a very dedicated and very hardworking individual who truly believes in the Mentor and Mentee relationship and she believes in empowering foster youth to go for what they believe in.  Colby is a pure, kind hearted leader whose goal is to make sure that foster youth can have a better future by having the constant support that they need and showing them that they are special in their own independent and unique ways.  I have found working with Colby a is pleasant experience because she’s a very pleasant and calm person to be around.  She is supportive to the youth, her staff and the founder of AFC, Justin, and I appreciate that.

If I had to describe Colby in three words, I would say Innovative, Encouraging, and Supportive. I say innovative because she is a hard worker and eager to help others move towards their goals and dreams. I say encouraging because she believes that every youth has a chance in accomplishing anything they want if given the proper guidance and mentoring.  Supportive is the third and final word I would use because Colby doesn’t look down on anyone’s ideas and hopes; instead she makes sure that you have all the support you’ll need to make your goals and hopes a reality.

The overall message I want to convey is: if you’re feeling like you don’t have a lot of support and guidance, one person you can always count on is Colby. She will be by your side to help you with whatever you may need help with. She always wants to help you with any problem you may have and will do anything in her power to do so. I respect Colby a lot and I am proud to know that she is helping move AFC into the future.

-Henry Avinger, August 2012