mchu_rose editedRose wasn’t so sure about “this mentoring thing” at first; why let another person in, just to be let down? Reluctantly, though, she agreed to meet Melissa, who worked at AFC Mentoring (AFC), but on one condition—that she be able to bring her guinea pig, Squeaky.  Ten years later and a foot taller, Rose says that her favorite memory with AFC is that very first day she met Melissa.

Melissa and the AFC community (or the “AFC Family,” as Melissa and Rose often say) are honored to have been a part of Rose’s many achievements and milestones over the years. AFC Mentoring has been there for Rose’s first internship, her first job, and her path to getting her driver’s license.  According to Rose, Melissa has taught her how to make both personal and career connections, which has been a key part of her success.

Melissa says she couldn’t be prouder of the many ways Rose now plays a positive role for others. Rose turned 21 two weeks ago, and her very first question for Melissa was, “Now that I’m 21, how can I become a mentor at AFC?”