Last month, mentee Tina and mentor Julie celebrated their 15-year Match Anniversary! See what they had to say about their time together, along with pictures of mementos from their 15 years.

Julie & Tina


On Communication

“One piece of advice I would give to a mentor and mentee who are still getting to know each other is be willing to learn how to communicate with one another on any/every subject. It will come as a life lesson for mentees on how to articulate themselves to a person that he/she wants to know more about; learning to respect the differences in boundaries and perspectives.” -Tina

Right: Just a few ticket stubs of events they’ve attended. Julie: “We did so many great things…” 



On Presence

“For mentors, your presence means everything, because for foster children it’s the consistency of having just at least ONE adult in their life that can show the child that they can get back on their feet and be willing to help them find that direction on how to reach their goals. It’s also allowing the mentee to be curious, ask more questions, and grow their own perception of society when exposed to other environments.” – Tina

Left: Tina’s handmade cards to Julie.




On Conversations

“Something my mentor has taught me is the basic of financial literacy (insurances, mortgages, rent, etc.). My mom taught me the basics of taking care of myself and Julie exposed [me] to the things my mother could only tell me about, but was unable to show me. I do feel as though if I didn’t have those conversations about the responsibilities of being an adult with Julie, being the independent woman that I am currently wouldn’t seem plausible.” – Tina

Right: A treasure trove of items Julie collected over the years.


On Success

“Tina has taught me the true meaning of courage and resilience. She reminds me that success is defined in many ways. She is amazing.” – Julie

Left: “A teddy bear that I had gotten from [Julie’s] parents as a gift. I’ve had it for years and bring it almost everywhere with me.” -Tina



We’re so proud of Julie and Tina. And we’re so grateful to you for standing with them. Your generous support fuels these relationships—thank  you.

Here’s to Julie and Tina’s next 15 years together!