This month, we’re excited to spotlight volunteer mentor Beth! Beth matched with 8-year-old K last year, when K had just moved with his aunt. While K was experiencing a whole new environment, Beth showed an incredible commitment not only to K, but to his family as well.

Since day one, Beth has paid attention to what K likes and what he’s good at, Card from mentor Beth to mentee Kencouraging those things in different ways: She sends him creative letters in the mail so he can practice reading (which he loves!), while also supporting areas he’s less confident in, like socializing with peers.

Going to the park has become part of Beth and K’s routine. Every time they go, K grows more confident in his social skills—now he even enjoys sharing with other kids! Valentina, their Program Coordinator, summed their relationship up like this:

“Knowing that Beth is there for him, K goes to conquer the world, one park at a time.”

Talk about the power of mentoring! Beth, THANK YOU for being an incredible mentor and member of the Silver Lining community!

Letter from mentor Beth to mentee K with photo of dog

Word puzzle from mentor Beth














Each month, Silver Lining Mentoring spotlights a Mentor of the Month to shine light on one of the incredible volunteers who make a difference in the lives of our young people. These mentors demonstrate Silver Lining’s values of commitment, community, innovation, equity, and gratitude.

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