by Jesse, Mentee

I have been with Silver Lining Mentoring for almost three years now. I first started with the Learn and Earn program in 2016, where I was matched with my mentor Melissa. I enjoyed learning about new things and skills that would be beneficial in the future and participating in the activities they included. It was a very hands-on and interactive learning experience. One of my favorite memories was attending the holiday party at Gillette Stadium last year. It was amazing and beautiful, there were games to play, food to eat and every young person there got presents. I really enjoyed it and felt so special and lucky to have the opportunity to attend such an event. They even had holiday parties at their office space which was also so much fun. Their events are always so interactive, social and friendly; they always have a warm welcoming feel to them.

After the twelve week program, my mentor and I decided to continue on our relationship together. We would go out into the community and visit animal shelters, go to the movies or go out to eat. One of the animal shelters we visited was one I had previously volunteered at and she even found a cat she loved and adopted her. Sometimes we would stay in and play board games or card games and occasionally watch a movie.

Silver Lining has been a big support in my life and I would recommend them to anyone. They have helped me to learn to become more independent and inspired me to get more involved in my community. They have helped meĀ get my Mass ID, open a bank account, get my permit and many more things. I am so glad to be a part of such an amazing organization. Over time I have become more involved with Silver Lining mentoring; they offer a lot of different types of support and opportunities that some people do not have the option to do.