Jessica (mentee) and Chelsea (mentor) were matched in January of 2018. They took some time to write about their match with the SLM community.

Reflections from Jessica:

Chelsea and I have been matched for about 2 years now. Some of the things that we like to do together are go see movies, plays, free events, and go out to eat. When Chelsea and I don’t go out places together we always manage to stay in touch through email, text, or by phone. Just checking in to see how one another is doing. Chelsea has been a huge backbone of support for me since I’ve lived back home, in a transitional shelter, and even now when I’m going through another rough transition. I spend a lot of time now at the hospital since I was involved in an accident. On days were I have appointments I try to find Chelsea and say hi or grab lunch together. I always thank Chelsea for everything she does for me. I appreciate her for all that she does for me. If I didn’t have her as my mentor I don’t know where I would be today.


Reflections from Chelsea:

Jessica and I have been able to develop a relationship in which we are able to both work towards concrete goals and to have fun. As my mentee, Jessica has taught me so much about what it means to stand up bravely and boldly in the world. One of my favorite experiences we have shared, was watching her deliver the opening speech at the 2019 SLM Match Gala. She has helped me grow my own confidence in asking me to have the honor of being next to her at the podium. Being a part of the SLM community has created a structure in which we were able to find each other on this specific part of our individual journeys, and allowed us to share in each others company both when things are going well and when they are not. I appreciate Jessica for trusting me and for being willing to continue to journey together.