With beach ball and Frisbee in hand, the AFC Programming team (Melissa, Alaina, Laurie, Evan and Kayla) stepped outside Wednesday afternoon for their weekly programming meeting. Nobody wants to miss out on these beautiful sunny days sitting inside, so we decided to get out and PLAY! The ball went from Evan to Alaina, while Melissa received a quick pass from Kayla who sent the Frisbee over to Laurie. All is fair-game in our Programming Meeting opener. Each week before we sit down and talk about upcoming events and our AWESOME matches, we open with a lively game of some sort. We play to get the energy up, break up the monotony of the day, and to get us thinking like a team. This ritual has become an important and expected part of the Programming Team’s weekly meeting, and it was only enhanced by our ability to get outside in the fresh air this week! ┬áThis is one way AFC staffers incorporate play into their daily routines. How do you do it?