This Giving Tuesday, help youth in foster care THRIVE! Donate now.

On Giving Tuesday, help youth in foster care THRIVE! Double your impact! Gifts will be matched up to $15,000 thanks to a generous donor.

Young people in the Massachusetts foster care system are moved 8 times every 3 years, on average.

Each move often means starting over with a different bed, a different school, different teachers and classmates, and more unfamiliar faces, while disconnecting from the people and places they’ve known. These frequent moves make it difficult to build the healthy, long-term relationships we all need to thrive.

Silver Lining Mentoring helps young people build these vital connections by pairing each youth with a committed, volunteer mentor and skill-building resources.

But we can’t do it without YOU!

You can provide a young person in foster care with a committed mentoring relationship. And every young person deserves a consistent, caring adult in their life.

All gifts up to $15,000 will be matched thanks to a generous donor.

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