March is Social Work Month.  At AFC, we’re proud to honor social workers on staff who serve the youth in our programs: youth who have experience in the chaotic and, oftentimes, traumatic foster care system.  AFC’s place in the non-profit world is unique–we serve a specialized population through mentoring and life-skills development.  AFC’s social workers meet that specialized need so well; they bring the knowledge and skills to effectively serve youth in AFC Mentors, our LGBTQ Initiative, and AFC Leaders.   Using their education and experience, our Program Staff tirelessly supports matches and continuously educates our mentors, staff, and volunteers.

To help us celebrate Social Work Month and AFC’s own licensed social workers–including Executive Director Colby Swettberg, Program Manager Melissa Chu, Program Supervisor Alaina Rosenberry, and Program Coordinator Evan Hubbard–find out how you can  help to promote Social Work Month.  And, tell AFC’s Social Workers why you appreciate the work they do!  Join the conversation in the comments or on AFC’s Facebook page.