Cultural Responsiveness (3)

At Silver Lining Mentoring, one of our values is cultural responsiveness. We believe that diversity strengthens communities and we are committed to listening and responding to all voices to promote respect, compassion, and social change. Each month, one of our Staff Members shares a resource about cultural responsiveness and our entire Staff meets together to discuss. We look forward to sharing our cultural responsiveness pieces with you in the months ahead.

This month, we watched “Bird Like Me,” a satirical clip from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. “Bird Like Me” shares the story of Turkey Creek, a historically-black town in Mississippi which has faced incredible challenges due their lack of political power and influence. At Silver Lining Mentoring, we know that youth in foster care face similar challenges in having their concerns and challenges heard and addressed. We are dedicated to advocating for them by sharing the issues that affect them as they navigate the world.