Each month, Silver Lining Mentoring spotlights a Mentor of the Month to shine light on the incredible volunteers who make a difference in the lives of our young people and live by Silver Lining’s values of commitment, community, innovation, equity, and gratitude.

This month, we’re excited to spotlight Peter! Peter and his mentee C have been matched since they met in a Build a Match (BAM) cohort 4 years ago when C was only 9, and they have been inseparable since then.

Here’s what Valentina Alfaro E., their Program Coordinator, shared in her nomination:

“Peter is the best mentor to his mentee C. Despite C moving further away, Peter has remained consistent, and no distance, pandemic, cold winters, or busy schedules has gotten in the way of these two remaining connected and building new memories. Peter has not only a great relationship with C but also with his brother and his foster mom. Peter lights up when he speaks about C; always so proud of him and with such gratitude that he is part of his life. This was a strong match from the beginning and it only has continued to grow stronger with time. Whether they are biking, cooking lasagna or pies, hiking or just playing and chatting, their connection is a joy to witness and no weather, challenge or distance can’t stop them :)!”

Peter and C recently celebrated C’s 13th birthday with an overnight hiking trip! Chance laying on a hammock in a spot of sunlight, with a campsite and tent in the backgroundSince C had never been on a trip like this, Peter helped him prepare for the trip with practice hikes in the months leading up to their adventure. The trip was a success and they had the most wonderful time together, as per usual.

Peter reflected: “We made it up to the base of Tuckerman’s Ravine, which was the biggest hike C and I have ever taken by far. [We also] had fun camping, cooking outside over a fire, and swimming in the Swift River along the Kancamagus Highway near our campground. Besides the hike, the only challenging part was having to pack out in the rain.” What an incredible experience the pair will never forget!

We’re so grateful to Peter for being a wonderful mentor to C and an amazing member of the Silver Lining community!