[Updated December 7, 2021]

Effective July 1, 2021, Silver Lining Mentoring (SLM) continues to offer some in-person programming! At this time we are encouraging matches to meet in person while following SLM’s In-Person Visit Policy. We’ll be offering a mix of both in-person and virtual connection opportunities for program elements such as group events, match anniversaries, and match graduations.

SLM is proud of our community’s resilience as we’ve adjusted to connecting virtually with each other, and we wanted to reflect on how our community has connected over the past year! From June 2020 to June 2021, Silver Lining:

  • Provided virtual support for 130 matches through community based mentoring
  • Opened 21 new match relationships
  • Hosted 10 virtual community events
  • Taught 70 young people critical financial literacy and employment skills through virtual Learn and Earn sessions
  • Performed 47,404 minutes of programming service activities
  • Performed nearly 4,700 minutes of COVID-related service activities
  • Provided $36,217 and counting in direct financial support to young people
  • Implemented a remote curriculum and trained mentors virtually
  • Trained and consulted with 18 organizations through the Silver Lining Institute

Please note that while we are excited to return to some in-person programming, we will continue to incorporate state and CDC recommendations into our decision making process, and will keep mentees and mentors updated on a potential pause of programming if COVID-19 cases rise and the state recommends shelter-in-place orders.