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Pride: 365 Days of Celebrating Identities

By Mobile Burrell This month many around the globe are celebrating LGBTQ Pride in commemoration of the Stonewall Riots of 1969 as a way to recognize the value & contributions of folks in the LGBT community. While the notion of being a part of Pride month has become a wide-spread phenomena in communities & corporations […]

Silver Lining Mentoring Raises $570,000 and Announces Going National at their 10th Annual Match Gala

Silver Lining Mentoring, the only mentoring organization in Massachusetts focused specifically on youth in foster care, recently raised $570,000 during its 10th Annual Match Gala. The funds raised will support Silver Lining Mentoring’s mission to empower youth in foster care to thrive through committed mentoring relationships and the development of essential life skills. The gala […]

On Identity and Social Justice:  Racial Identity and the Role of Mentors

by Christina Haines Adolescence is a critical time of identity development. The teenage and young adult years present a strong drive to answer the question, “Who am I?” The quest for this answer informs a young person’s confidence, aspirations, and relationships, among other pillars of life. Exploration of racial and ethnic identity is a core […]