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Silver Lining Mentoring awarded over $15,000 by Learning by Giving Foundation at Philanthropy on the Field event

What was this event all about? What is the significance of the experiential philanthropy model for millennials? by Kelly Ferguson Silver Lining Mentoring was fortunate to have participated this past Saturday in an innovative experiential philanthropy event for young professionals, hosted by the Learning by Giving Foundation (LxG). I, along with about 20 other nonprofit organizations, […]

Surviving the Winter with Gratitude

By Valentina Alfaro E., Program Coordinator. It is November, and as we approach the holiday season, gratitude is in the air. For myself, it seems that I can’t always find the right words to describe how gratitude feels. But, during moments of reflection, I can’t help but feel thankful for the people in my life […]

Because of the Camping Trip…

By Laura Meehan The annual Silver Lining Mentoring camping trip is an August overnight weekend trip for mentees and mentors in Cape Cod, at the YMCA Camp Burgess in Sandwich. It is an event that holds special significance to the staff, young people and mentors who attend. This trip is one of the most celebrated […]

Going the Distance

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but on September 22, I am going to ride a bicycle for 25 miles—in a row—in the Rodman Ride for Kids to help raise resources for young people and volunteer mentors at Silver Lining Mentoring. I haven’t ridden a bike in over a decade. I’ve never ridden 25 miles […]